Monday, May 28, 2007

Sine of (Pi over 2)

Calculate the title and you will get the value corresponding to the number of this post. Or figure out that this post is number one, corresponding with the value one and if you know that the sine of zero (Pi over 2)'s is zero and the value of three (Pi over 2)'s is -1, then you will probably have begun a much more interesting, and informative journey than this web log, as it is.

The actual content of this blog will hopefully be dedicated to the going's on of my life. I enjoy very much writing emails (proven *ahem* by the quality and not the quantity) but I have found that unless I start getting paid to do so, I won't be getting them out to every one. Thats just time and space.

Today, I got back from a 102-105 km (64-65 mi) bike ride at 12:30 am, spent the night at my former roommate and close-enough-to-brother Marty Peterson's house. I got up and made it to church (Fellowship Bible Church) and then talked with Eidi and Brendan for awhile before leaving for Seattle and the Folklife Festival there-with-in. The folk festival was amazing including meeting an excellent homeless man named Curtis who helps people park under the Alaskan Way Viaduct (free on Sundays!), meeting up with another close-enough-to-brother Alex Graves and friend Heather. Witnessed some cool Mexican music and dancing, many various percussive instruments, a bagpiper (intentionally) accompanied by a hip-hop drummer, some butoh dance by a group called Death Posture which is really indescribable. I was initially quite profoundly disturbed by it, but it soon became very emotive and expressive. It would probably require at least another long post. Following that, the four of us (Heather's friend Ava joined us) we saw some excellent bluegrass, and went to the centerhouse and heard some more really cool music that I can't identify, and some other cool music that I could which was (and this was amazing) Коробе́йники. For those who have no idea what this is (probably most, I imagine) this is the the Tetris song for A Mode. Apparently it's originally a folk song based on a poem of the same name written in 1861. So there is a Russian folk associated with Tetris and what was supposed to be associated with Zelda? Could it have been Ravel's Bolero? I think so. On that note we headed out, promptly lost Alex (which was a rather amusing theme for the day) and after seeing a samba parade and viewing a few other street performers we made our way back to the Vera stage (where we saw the Botah) and talked as we got ready to leave. Actually, this was when I was able to meet the Botah performers, which was really quite amazing and gave me almost all of the perspective I have on their work. Also, a figure dressed entirely in camoflauge with earth tone face and head coverings, no shoes, but wearing gloves jumped into the bushes next to us, and began climbing out and sneaking around. I think it was a performance piece. He also sat next to some girls that looked about his age and mischeviously put his finger to his lips, indicating they ought to be quiet since they had spotted him. In broad daylight. I was impressed.

Finally, I'm now at home. I hung out with Alex and looked up the Botah and bagpiper we saw, picked up my brother Greg who had just returned from Holden Village which is in my book far and away one of the most amazing places in Washington. Then I spent a long while talking to my mom about my experiences and listening to hers (occasionally).

Over all it was a good day. "Unfortunately", my life usually isn't this exciting. Or at least it hasn't been so far. We'll see what happens. I'm also exhausted.

So thats a taste of this blog. I'll probably get more philosophical. I plan to write down the seemingly random but ultimately meaningful thoughts I have during the day. I would prefer this show my mental/emotion/spiritual locations, directions and actions as well as my physical/logistical. I'll probably also get more inconsistent and tangential but, at the end of the day, that hasn't bothered me before so I don't think it will bother me now.