Saturday, August 23, 2008

Response to Georgia

This is my gut response to Jason Ericson's last two "early October" posts. Based on a counter-movie of sorts called Zeitgeist. It's riddled with factual inconsistencies and sensationalist ideas, but there was one idea that rang with me, and it came from the Zodiac.

I don't know what you get when a shaky idea is butchered, but it's probably something like the following:

Approx. every 2150 years, the Sun appears to rise under a the next sign in the zodiac. That is each sign represents an age, and the age of Jesus Christ is the last 2000 years, since it's been Pisces.

So perhaps 'the end' won't mean of the entire world, just maybe the end of Christianity. If there even is a Rapture, maybe it's a dual purpose, saving the faithful and clearing out the world for a new worship. Not necessarily the end of God, Heaven, religion, morality, whatever.

Of course, in either case, it's I see it kind of like this: Christianity has been around for a little over 2 millenia. There was stuff before it, so while to people who only live ~100 years, it's all we'll ever know. Good reason to follow it. But still, view it as a semester of school; student: The body of Christ. Let's be vulgar and say the grade is people confessing that JC is their savior, whether they mean it or not.

Now with some barf-worthy webbrowsing of generous approximations and if we lump everyone that basically positively mentions Christ (yikes: Christians and Islamists?!) the numbers come out to 2.1 billion + 1.1 billion = 3.2 billion. Which is I mean, at least half of the world population, right? So that would be around 52%, which is.. well, it's an F. And let's toss in another billion just for good measure. awesome. 68%. D+. My favorite.

I think at this point, it would be best not to go into classroom behavior, because that might imply a Parent(s?)-Student-Teacher(!?) Conference and no one wants that.

So I guess what I'm saying is maybe the End will be a relief. I don't doubt that a period of transformation following such a domineering and adolescent system of belief won't be painful and devastating, but isn't that what conscious life is about?

ps. Hey. Yeah it's been awhile. But what is time, really?

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